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This week, the fourth installment is finally here. No further explanation is needed. We apologize for the inconvenience that we have lost the chance to encounter such a sound, so we will do vera john best. In particular, PINK FLOYD was highly conscious of sound for both bands and fans, and the journey of exploration vera john enthusiasts was also the best in the rock world. As mentioned in the commentary on the previous three works, this is a master tape newly excavated in a certain European country, and was brought by our own route.

The source of this work オンライン カジノ ブログ probably the distribution master. Vera john is neither the origin of the product LP nor vera john cutting master. It is digitized from a zero degradation master tape that has never been converted into a physical groove. In addition, the content was complete because it was considered a distribution master. The mixdown and mastering are perfect, not the kind of demos and rough mixes that are common in leaked items.

Yet the sound quality was so good that I had never experienced it. Vera john sound is the same as before … no, more than ever. And the clearer the more the ensemble gets thicker towards the highlights. Since the remastered version emphasizes excitement, the reverberation is emphasized and it is boring, but this work is completely unprocessed. Since the vibration of each instrument is fortissimo, the depth of the silent part is not filled and the outline is drawn beautifully. The three-dimensional effect of one note and the カジノ アジア effect of the ensemble that the performances combine are extremely vivid.

After that, each song, one song at a time, continues to be listened to every moment. In the remastered version, the focus was on the attack sound and there was no growth, but in this work the growth is strangely good, and it is very long until the moment it disappears. In the remastered version, the hardware seemed to pop out from the deep bass sound, vera john because of vera john equalizing, but in this work, the hi-hat and bass drum are completely synchronized. You can clearly see the tone that Nick was originally aiming vera john. It vera john become vivid. It has become longer again. In addition, the acoustic guitar vera john the unevenness of the wound strings, the fineness of the deep bass vibes of the synth, the reality and depth of many SEs, etc.

If I keep writing all 80 minutes and 44 seconds as I can think of it, it would be a nuisance to vera john readers … The sounds are so different one by one. The mellow vera john world is spreading vera john much. Oops, this way of writing may also have a bad word. Vera john can be said that it is exceptional for rock. Really no good at all. However, this time around, it cannot be suppressed. Vera john, I would like to start over for 43 years with this sound.

Please experience it for the first time with the permanent storage press 2CD. The sound that 日本語対応オンラインカジノ exceeds all official CDs is overwhelming, such as its natural feeling, subtlety, and reality that you can feel the existence of vera john instruments and performance companies.

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